White Leaf

White Leaf - the German Rock / Metal band is releasing its second studio album »Metaera« in december 2021 and reinventing themselves. Completely self-written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered, their DIY sound runs through the entire new album. With the mixture of grooving, hard riffs, melodic guitars and vocals White Leaf remained true to themselves. At the same time, their experience and musical growth take their sound to a new level. The songs invite the listener on an exciting journey of self-reflection and always leave space for the listeners very own interpretation.

  • Bass

    Marius / Is the staple that glues rhythmn and melody into one big wall.

    As most of the band his early influences come from Punk and Hip Hop.

  • Vocals & Guitar

    Basti - Is one head of producing and writing the songs as well as bringing the mix to life.

    His fine ear for dynamics and movement was developed by all kinds of music reaching from Deathmetal to Trap to Pop.

  • Guitar

    Micha / Is the other head of writing and producing the songs and lyrics for every song.

    He is driven by the fascination of putting feelings into notes and always searches for the next sound.

  • Drums

    Sammy / Is responsible to keep everybody in check and locked to the grid.

    His style is grounded in punk and hardcore roots which developed into a driving rhythm machine.